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Canvas Magic Mould Remover

Mould Gone In 20 Minutes. Guaranteed.
(Recommended by MDC - BLACK SERIES - STONEY CREEK - PLATINUM CAMPERS - DRIFTA STOCKTON - Jayco & Ezy Trail Owners + Many More...)

Amazing product to clean mould from camper trailers, glamping tents, roof top tents, awnings, shade sails, marquees, gazebos and more, restoring your canvas to its original glory.

Australia - New Zealand - United Kingdom - USA - Canada. (Postage calculated at Check-Out in AUD).

Removes mould off colourfast canvas

A common issue amongst camper trailer, tent and caravan owners, is packing up the canvas material before it’s 100% dry, or storing it in a humid location for an extended period of time... only to find minor and sometimes heavy mould growth next time they open it back up. Once mould gets into canvas or similar heavy fabrics, it takes a lot of elbow grease to remove, and quite often the mould will not come out without leaving stains… if at all. We have the solution.

Now you can clean the mould fast, with no scrubbing…

Right across Australia, camper trailer, caravan owners & businesses use our Canvas Magic Mould Remover ™ on their mouldy canvas. The remarkable results of Canvas Magic have lead to a positive viral response on Facebook and we now have a very happy family of campervan, caravan and tent owners in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, who now have a guaranteed DIY mould removal product option for their camper trailers, canvas tents, pop-ups and awnings, at an affordable price. No scrubbing required. Now delivering to the USA and Canada!

Here is our delivery van for wholesale and retailer orders.

CUSTOMER videos & photo's below...

Before & After Images from Customers

"I just wanted to send you a quick message to say how great your product is!

We have a $20k camper trailer that we haven’t used in the last 6 months and we opened it up and found it was covered in mould! We got in contact with the manufacturer to enquire about purchasing a new canvas for it but they recommended we try your product first!
I received my first order from you yesterday (I have another one coming and I’ve just ordered another 5 litres today, thinking I should have done a bulk order! Lol) and I’m amazed at how much it has eaten the mould off already after 10 minutes!
I have just shared my photos and your website to the MDC camper page on Facebook as there is always posts about mould and people looking for a great product!
Well done and thankyou!”

-Arlette B

No matter where you live in Australia, United Kingdom, USA or Canada, we can get our Canvas Magic Mould Remover ™ product to you in a short period of time. The process is simple, you simply order the product, spray it on liberally to the canvas mould, wait 15 minutes and watch the mould disappear before your eyes.

We only sell 2 amazing products:

Canvas Magic Mould Remover ™

Dynaproof Waterproofer

Canvas Magic Mould Remover:
SUMMARY of INSTRUCTIONS (Full instructions on bottle):
Canvas Magic is delivered in a concentrate version & NO scrubbing required. You will receive a 4L container that makes either 10L or 20L, depending on which size you purchase.
Make sure the area being treated is well ventilated. Spray liberally onto the dry canvas mould with a pump-up weed sprayer from close range, then wait 15-20 minutes for the mould to disappear. Repeat process until all mould is gone. After the mould has vanished, but before the product dries, rinse down with water to wash any residual chemical out, and let your canvas dry thoroughly. Once dry, you will need to re-waterproof your canvas. As a precautionary measure, always do a small colourfast patch test in a hidden area to confirm there will be no loss of colour, as Canvas Magic is a chemical product.

'Dynaproof Canvas Waterproofer':

Fast & Easy to Apply Waterproofing Product:
The proven & tested re-waterproofing product we sell is called Dynaproof, which can be ordered below. Easy to apply, and you only need to apply to the outside of the canvas with a brush. Coverage is approx:
1L per 4sqm (4L should cover a standard size camper trailer).

“I had really bad mould on my camper, (Black Series Sargeant), tried many different products to remove the mould but nothing would get rid of it, i saw a add for this stuff, thought it would just be another false promise to remove mould, but i was desperate so thought id give it a go, WOW just WOW, boy was i wrong, this stuff should be called Canvas Miracle Mould Remover, the mould was so bad and this stuff just smashed it!, took a couple of sprays, but did the job as promised. I HIGHLY recommend this stuff!!” – Lee C

coverage guide before you order:

We have 4 Order Options to choose from below.

10L or 20L concentrate Size
(Order 20L for inside & out)

10L Concentrate - $125

(4L container makes 10L - Good for mould on one side of camper).

20L Concentrate - $195

(4L container makes 20L - Order if you have mould inside and out).

'Dynaproof'- WATERPROOFer
(4L Waterproofer)


20L Canvas Magic + 4L Dynaproof - $295
10L Canvas Magic + 4L Dynaproof - $227

Orders to the USA & Canada: ORDER HERE (Postage calculated at Check-Out in AUD).



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