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PLEASE CHECK THE SHIPPING ADDRESS IS CORRECT ON YOUR PAYPAL RECEIPT IN YOUR INBOX. Please do this right away, as Paypal sometimes retains older addresses in it’s system.

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Delivery for all containers normally takes 5-7 business days. If your order hasn’t arrived by then, please text Dean on 0451 690388 with the date you ordered and your postcode to obtain your tracking number, but please hold back texting or calling for a tracking number before these timeframes if possible. We ship orders the next business day, assuming the product was ordered before the 7pm cut-off time each evening. You won’t be sent a tracking number automatically, so don’t be concerned around that. 1000’s of camper trailer customers use our products, so immediate dispatch is assured.

If you have the Paypal receipt of payment in your inbox (should be there by the time you read this), this confirms your order went through successfully and there is no need to be concerned if you don’t hear from us with a tracking number. The only time you will hear from us if there is a problem with your order, which is unlikely. Please check the address on your Paypal receipt asap, and email us right away with ‘Change of Address’ in the subject line if it’s incorrect. Sometimes Paypal will recognise an old address, and it can get messy… so please check that your delivery address is correct right after your finish reading this page.


If you ordered the 4L concentrate, you MUST mix it with 6L of water, no more, no less (10L in total). Add the water first into your container, then slowly add the 4L of Canvas Magic concentrate. Certainly contact us at via email if you have any questions regarding application instructions.


We are a small family business based in Newcastle, and we always have stock on hand of Canvas Magic and Curtain Magic, so your are 100% assured of order dispatch asap.

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